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Life on 3rd Guest House accommodation, Melville, Johannesburg

From R460 per room per night | Tel: +27 11 482 5195 | Mob: +27 79 456 6714 | Email:

Travellers often spend a lot of time looking for accommodation. In general, they look for hotels that are close to their destinations. The bed and breakfast is one option many travellers may overlook. A bed and breakfast is a type of lodging that is often in an older home or building. This type of accommodation is usually family-owned and feature personalised service that is often only available in upscale corporate hotels.

Many cities feature the local bed and breakfast inns on their websites, and the traveller should always check out the links. Often, a bed and breakfast costs very little more than the local chain hotels, with the added bonus of a delicious home-cooked breakfast and lovely surroundings. Many B&B's, in fact, are famous for their food.

A bed and breakfast inn will usually have four to ten rooms, depending on the size of the building. Most B&B rooms also have private baths. Another advantage of the bed and breakfast is comfort. These inns don't rely on standard hotel mattresses that are hard as rocks. They use home mattresses, since their facilities don't have the volume of guests that hotels do. As a result, the beds are usually much more comfortable. Rooms at a B&B will usually have a television and many have books available or movies for guests to watch in their rooms. A bed and breakfast in an older home will usually have a lounge for guests to socialise if they wish, or front porches ideal for reading or relaxing.

Travellers looking for a bed and breakfast should consider location, amenities and price. Some B&B's are in older neighbourhoods, but within walking distance of downtown attractions. Some inns are in rural areas. The traveller's choice will depend on what he is looking for.

Amenities offered at a bed and breakfast also vary. Some bed and breakfast inns have activities such as horseback riding available. Some may have hot tubs or spas guests can use. Some inns have a snack or cocktail hour in the evening, in addition to breakfast. A traveller also needs to be aware that some B&B inns allow children, while others do not. It is always wise to ask in advance.

The price for a bed and breakfast stay will vary according to region and proximity to a large city or tourist area. Travellers staying at a bed and breakfast will meet their hosts and usually feel welcomed right away. This warm hospitality, along with the quiet atmosphere and good food, make for great accommodation.

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